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Original Reviews of White Christmas, Bloody Christmas...

"From the decade of the 20's, its secret etched in stone, the past has come alive through the efforts of authors M. Bruce Jones and Trudy J. Smith... straightforward...dramatic...realistic...carefully researched...interesting reading..."
- The Sanford Herald, Sanford NC

"it is a fascinating and horrifying book about a terrible crime--it is well-researched and sharply written... you have done a fine job..."
- Paul D. McCarthy, Senior Editor, Pocket Books, NY

"White Christmas, Bloody Christmas Finally provides the answer why "...interesting and well-researched."
- A.C. Snow, Raleigh News and Observer

"...it is a good book and if you like reading true crime accounts or North Carolina history (or both) you may be interested in reading this book."
- the Daily Advance, Elizabeth City, NC

"...insightful...recurringly dramatic... appeals to readers of true crime..." 
- The Small Press Review 

Unfortunately, for many years this book has remained out of print and collectible.  Copies can only be found in venues such as Amazon.com and eBay.com.

‚ÄčCOMING SOON:  The 25th Anniversary Edition of White Christmas - Bloody Christmas in hard cover!!  the author has decided to bow to continued demand from collectors who want a copy of the original version of the story.  Expected to be available by the last week of December 2015

Copyright: White Christmas Bloody Christmas and The Meaning of Our Tears by Trudy J. Smith -  All rights reserved. 

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